Earn to Die : In this part of the game you are in the war.Here you don't execute zombies,here you murder the foe soldiers.Tune up your vehicle as much as you can and acomplish all the level's to acomplish the game.You can play all versions Earn to Die on Friv 2017.
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About Earn to Die Game

Earn to Die : Escape oncoming zombies in a desert wasteland, depending on a progression of vehicles to get similarly as you can every day. Update your vehicle's weapon, fuel tank, motor and more to help you make tracks in an opposite direction from the undead every day. The more remote you get, the more cash you gain to update your auto in the trusts of getting somewhat more distant the following day.

You can play game Earn to Die on the Android & IOS

Key Features
  • A fresh out of the box new and broadened STORY MODE which sees you driving crosscountry amid a zombie end of the world 
  • 8 VEHICLES available to you, including a race-auto, a truck and even a school transport! 
  • Updates GALORE! Simply opening a vehicle isn't sufficient, alter every vehicle with a scope of overhauls 
  • Zombies.. A lot of zombies... Make certain to acquaint them with your auto's front guard 
  • A reasonable ragdoll material science motor that permits you to collide with zombies and send them flying! 
  • Marvelous vivified successions 
  • Race for the best time in Championship Mode 
  • Survived the zombie end of the world? Crush through pumpkins in Halloween Mode.

Earn To Die 2

Play Earn To Die Play Earn To Die 3 Play Earn To Die 4 Play Earn to Die 2 Exodus
The second release of the incredible zombie killing diversion – Earn To Die 2 or as it is some of the time called Earn To Die 2012 is here. The amusement was made in 2012 year and still is extremely well known among the gamers. In the event that we contrast it with the past adaptation, we will see a considerable measure of contrasts, as new autos, new levels and even new sorts of zombies. The design and in addition gameplay was additionally enhanced, for instance now when you murder a few zombies on the double, the moderate movement impact shows up and you can observe more itemized how the zombies are being slaughtered. Be that as it may, here, you should win cash to survive. Redesign your auto utilizing the uncommon parts, similar to motor, amplified fuel tank and other stuff. Mission of the player is the same – escape from the city and achieve the sheltered spot. All activities in the diversion are made using Arrow catches on your console.

Earn To Die 3

Play Earn To Die Play Earn To Die 2 Play Earn To Die 4 Play Earn to Die 2 Exodus
Earn To Die 3 or the designers call it Earn To Die 2012 Part 2 is the latest adaptation of the game accessible today on the web. Toward the start of the game, you will watch a little trailer about what happened some time recently. Actually, moves make put not long after the Earn To Die 2 amusement plot, when the fundamental character got away from the Desert Dash and Caqtus Canion. Presently you are in a place, called Forgotten Hills and have a similar mission – achieve the protected spot and murder the greatest number of zombies as you can. You just got another auto, an immense truck which you need to move up to make it fatal to your foes. I will prescribe you to spend your cash on purchasing another fuel tank and a turbo motor. Additionally, remember that you will confront new sort of zombies which are greater and speedier than all that you seen before it. Spend you cash astutely and do whatever it takes not to pass on in the Earn To Die 3 Game.

Earn To DIE 4

Play Earn To Die Play Earn To Die 2 Play Earn To Die 3 Play Earn to Die 2 Exodus
Battlefield Medic is an incredible game which is fundamentally the same as the Earn To Die game arrangement. Here and there individuals call it even the Earn To DIE 4 however it is totally unique game with somewhat extraordinary plot. The main thing which is same in both of the games – can tunning. The moves make put amid the world war II, you play as a Medic at the front line, and your main goal is to convey supplies to your warriors. Remember that you will confront a ton of adversaries, you need to execute them all. Each time you kill a foe group fighter, you are given cash which can be utilized to update your auto, I mean purchase new weapons, broaden fuel tank et cetera.

Earn To Die 2 Exodus

Play Earn To Die Play Earn To Die 2 Play Earn To Die 3 Play Earn To Die 4
Drive and crush your way through swarms of braineaters as you attempt to survive the zombie end of the world in another section of the prevalent Earn to Die game series. Purchase your first auto and drive it to the extent you can. Murder undeads to gain cash, which you can use to overhaul your getaway vehicle and get some marvelous weapons. To what extent does it takes you to achieve the end in Earn to Die 2: Exodus? Much fun!


Car Eats Car 2
What frantic dreams is this little auto having? Pursued by savage creature trucks the charming surrey needs to drive as quick as could be expected under the circumstances along all tracks to abstain from being eaten by them. In the fun Car Eats Car 2 dashing game you need to face huge amounts of difficulties. Attempt to obliterate all followers by tossing bombs, perform cool tricks and get diamonds and apparatuses to build your score. If you pass all levels of the Car Eats Car 2, please try the Car Eats Car 3 right now.
Spy Car
Spy Car is a fun quick paced activity demolition game. Bounce in your definitive mystery operator auto and race through the lanes so as to annihilate every single restricting vehicle. Gather cash and different rewards to buy overhauls. Much fun.

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